Monday, May 18, 2009

Early Memories

I was reading a guildies blog, The Tank Hunter, and he had a great post entitled Memories. I thought I would do a similar blog with my own wow memories. 

I remember my husband played wow for a couple months before I decided to play. He kept trying to get me to play, but I always put it off. I kept watching him do dungeons with his guild Guardians to the Throne, and I decided it looked pretty fun. He got me a trial account and I made Lunas. She was my first character and my favorite. I haven't found anything yet that has beaten playing a druid. 

I remember my first contact I had with Eternity Matters, I was lvling up in Duskwood when a priest named Nathaniel was advertising in general chat about a christian guild. At first I just ignored it, but then I saw people in general chat making fun of him because he was a 'priest' promoting a christian guild. I stood up for him in chat and he whispered me. I politely turned down his offer to join, but added him as a friend. We were also watching a guild fight one of the dragons of nightmare in the center of duskwood. That was pretty fun. :) Later on we had to quit playing wow due to a tighter budget and when we reactived our accounts the guild we were in transfered servers. That's when I remembered the preist and his offer, and this time I accepted. 

I have some very fond memories of going into Strat and trying to get Firager his pants. Schnookms his gorilla tanked for us because no one at the time tanked. Poor Firager never got his pants but we had some good times :)

My first epic was from dungeon set one, I don't remember which part of it, but I was VERY excited. Pre BC getting an epic was a lot harder to get than it is now.

In BC I had my first experiences as a tank. Scary huh? Again, I can't remember the very first time, but I was pretty much the only tank in the guild. I was a very busy bear. By me becoming tank I was able to help us get better gear and let us get further in the game. Now when I try to tank I feel unneeded. We have many great tanks now. :)

My first experiences with kara were with a guild called Order of Nightwolves. Unfortuantely my husband and I left Eternity Matters for a short period of time and joined the Nightwolves. They were a wonderful guild, very progressive. They were casual/raiding. They didn't make you raid, only required you to have the gear to support it. I helped tank Maiden, but unfortuantely we didn't get her down. They were also new to kara, so it took some time to get the fight down. Later on we joined EM again and shared with them about casual/raiding and they decided to try that approach, and it has worked out very well for them :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ulduar and other ramblings

Last night I took part in my first 25 man Ulduar. It was fun for the most part, I really hate being sacraficed to take out the turrents on Flame Levithan. I say this because I always seem to die, a long with how ever is taking out the turrents with me. When we parachute down we ping the map so the others on motorcycles can come and save us. It never seems to happen that way :( I heal myself while I wait for someone to come get me, but I can't heal through the damage I am taking. By the time I saw my first glipse of a motor cycle I was dead. I understand this is a learning expereince for everyone so I just hope who ever is riding the motorclycles gets faster at finding me lol 

Besides the Ulduar run I haven't really played much, I always seem busy. I go to work during the day and by the time evening comes around I don't feel like playing. I did however make a dwarf hunter. I thought about making another night elf, but everything I have that can be a night elf I decided I should mix it up a little. She's not my first hunter, I have a lvl 70ish hunter, but I transfered her so  I could make a DK on another server before they allowed you to do it on any server you wanted. 

On a side note, I'm becoming very anxious, and that's anxious in a bad way. My nerves are getting to me, and I have had this problem since I was a child. I am still dwelling on the IVF process that I will undergo next month and my poor nerves can't handle it. I am currently home alone and all I have been doing is watching the discovery channel programs that involve babies. It's self torture. Yes I get all teary eyed when I see that baby being born, and then I ask myself "Why are you watching this stuff!" In all honesty I don't know how I will take it if the IVF doesn't work. I just hope I don't have to find out.

On a happier note I have also been thinking about what if it does work..what shall I call my baby/babies (I have a 15% chance of twins withIVF) .  I like Brendan and Brianna. :) Taylore and Conner are also nice. I can't decide o.O  Suggestions anyone? hehe

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ole Blue!

My last post I was worried about gettin the turtle mount, sadly I have yet to accquire it. I did however get an even better mount :) Yes that is Lunas on a blue proto drake mount. I got it the first day of childrens week when I went in to Utgarde Pinnacle to defeat king Yimiron for the achievment. When I first saw it drop I was a little confused, I knew only the last boss droped an epic..then I took a closer look and I realized it was the mount! Everyone rolled Need..and I WON! How did that happen? I never win rolls. lol I screamed, but not in vent to save my guildies ears, and did a little dance in my chair. :)

I also got my first item lvl 219 piece of gear in Ulduar last week. I got Eye of the Broodmother of off Razorscale.  It was an EM first for downing her too. I really enjoyed the fight, and it only took us 2 tries to get it. I admit, I'm always a little nervous when we don't have our awesome pally/warrior (Therigwin/Enok) duo going on in new content, but everything went great with a diffrent pally tank Ariden.  We also got down XT-200 Deconstructor, it was my first time getting it down, but not EM's. I had to go to work that night :(

Also, a last piece of news, my husband is lvling a shaman..for me. lol Can you believe it? We were talking one night about how he thought I'd love to play a shaman and I replied I can never get one past lvl 10 and if he'd lvl it to 20 I'd play one. He said he would, but he didn't stop at 20, the shaman is already lvl 31 and he's still going. I'm not going to complain, I just hope he teaches me how to play her when he finally decides to hand her over to me.  lol