Friday, April 23, 2010

Doggie outside my window

Pregnancy hormones..they're a killer. I find myself crying my eyes out over things that may have just made me slightly upset. For over a week I have been fighting these feeling over a silly little dog. My neighbor lets his dog run free, and he came to my house. At the time, I didn't know he was owned by anyone, I thought he was a stray. Being my animal loving self I played with him and let my dog play with him. Last Saturday I got a knock on my door from an old man who lives a few houses over and said that it was his dog. He told me he was trying to keep it from coming over here and wanted ME to 'give him a good switching' when he comes over. There's no way I'm going to do that! I don't beat my own dog, let alone someone else's dog. I took the hint though, and I have not given the dog anymore attention. The problem is, he won't leave! He follows me every where I go, tries to run after my car when I leave, and cries outside of my window looking at me. I can't take much more! It's breaking my heart. Today it's pouring in the rain and he's soaked to the bone and wants inside. I don't want to go against this guys wishes, but if he wants his dog he needs to keep him indoors or make a fenced in lot for him. I'm not sure, but isn't there a law against letting your dog run free?

I'm just very frustrated with this man. He doesn't seem to care for his dog in any way except giving him food. A dog needs more than that, he needs to be played with, given some attention, and this dog especially, needs to be groomed. I wish I could have this dog, but I can't. I wish I had the guts to go up to this mans house and offer to pay him for the dog. I can't see how he would really care, seeing how the dog is never even at his house. But, it's not my call. I guess I'll just sit here and look out my window wishing I could play with him.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Today I had my monthly checkup for the pregnancy. I'm pleased to report Jacob is doing just fine. They were asking me the routine questions, and when they asked me how I felt, I told them fine except for the pinched nerve. The doctor asked if I had ever seen a chiropractor, and I said no. She asked if I wanted a referral, and I said sure, I would try just about anything to make this pain go away.

Well, I went to the chiropractor and was nervous...just thinking about my bones being moved in my spine was a little scary. I was sitting in the waiting room all by myself, and couldn't help but over hear two patients that were ahead of me being treated. I heard grunts and "oohs" and "ahhs" and "right there, right there!" I was like oh my gosh..they sound..orgasmic. Hearing that almost made my anxiety go away. lol

Finally, it was my turn. I went in and told him my aches and pains, and mentioned that I have had minor back pain since childhood and was told by a doctor in my teens that I had scoliosis. That doctor NEVER told me to get treated. The chiropractor said if I hadn't came in within a few years, that I would have been too late to treat it. I was shocked! I didn't know it could be treated, and I certainly didn't know there was a time frame. So, after I deliver I can be treated for my scoliosis. As for the the pinched nerve I originally went there for, he made me lie on my side and he did the realignment. I heard so many pops, but it didn't hurt. I didn't make the noises the patients ahead of me had made. lol I'm happy to say that my pain has eased up a lot, but not completely gone. He said as much. He told me that he can ease my pain and make it a lot more bearable. I think I will just have to wait until my pregnancy is over to have it go away completely.

Next month, on May 17th, I will be able to do a 4D ultrasound. I am SO excited for that. I have seen my sister-in-laws video and David's cousin's video of their 4D's and it is so amazing. It's like you are looking at the baby. They set it to music and film the parents at the very beginning, the whole presentation looks great. I will have David and my parents there to watch. I really want my mom to be there because she's not been able to be there for any of my other ultrasounds, and the 17th is also her birthday. I thought it would be special for her to see her first grandchild in 4D on her birthday. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby Dreams and Worries

Dreams, they are always a source of fascination to me, mainly because almost every night I can remember them in such detail. Last night, I had a dream that needs no interpretation, it's pretty much self explanatory. For some reason, Jacob had been born early, but yet was still healthy. I was like oh my gosh, I have nothing ready! I noticed he needed a fresh diaper, so I tried to find the changing hadn't been put together yet, so I got David to start putting it together. Since there was no table I went to change him on the bed, of course I got the poo on our sheets and on his clothes. I searched for baby wipes to clean him up..nothing! Why don't I have wipes?! I tried to find clean clothes for him, we had none. I was about to scream! The only good part of this dream was that he was healthy, and I had become comfortable handling him. One of my anxieties is getting use to positioning him because I 'think' he's so fragile. lol I know better, but it's still a small fear of mine.

Obviously this dream is my fear of having nothing ready by the time Jacob gets here. His room is still a 'junk' room. There's no crib, dresser, changing table or decorations that have been purchased. We will hopefully have the furniture bought within the next month and have decorations and clothes from the baby shower. If I don't get everything we need we will still have a month and a half to get it after the shower. Why am I freaking out over it? Well, if you talk to anyone that knows me, they will tell you it's impossible for me to NOT freak out.

Another worry, that is actually legit, is that I found out that I have Group B Strep infection. I am currently on antibiotics and will need antibiotics by IV during labor to keep Jacob from getting it. My doctor doesn't seem that worried about it, so that makes me feel a bit better. I, of course, think of worst case scenarios, what if I go into premature labor and the baby doesn't get the antibiotics in time? I'm so scared that I could lose him, or he becomes handicapped in some way. I ask that everyone keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I just got back from my doctor's appointment because my hips and inner thighs have been hurting. I was told I have a pinched nerve, and boy does it hurt. The explanation I got was that as the baby gets bigger and pushes on me, my vertebrae in my back move, and that can sometimes caused a pinched nerve. I seem to have gotten 'lucky' and had it happen to me. My body can get use to it and my pain could go away, but I could also keep it until delivery. I hope it gets better, otherwise I have 4 more months of this. I guess I am paying for the wonderful first trimester I had. I felt so good then when most women feel their worst. Oh well, it's all worth it. :)

My Easter weekend was great. On Saturday I went to a church cookout and watched all the children hunt eggs. I got to meet my 2nd cousin, who is almost 2 years old. He is what I hope my baby boy will look like. He has such pretty brown curly hair. Unfortunately David didn't get to go with me, he stayed home to work on our house. But on Sunday we went to church with my parents, and on the way we had a flat tire. Luckily we got it changed and was only 15 minutes late. Church was also late to start, so it turned out fine. We also went to his parents house and watched his family hunt Easter eggs. I didn't get to see David's little niece because her mom still hasn't had her baby yet, and needed to stay near the hospital. But I saw cute pictures of her on facebook of her hunting eggs in the yard with her grandparents.