Wednesday, December 23, 2009

7 weeks

Today marks my 7th week of pregnancy. I'm still very worried about them and will feel a lot better when I hear their little hearts beating. I go on Monday for my next ultra sound, and I pray everything goes well.

I am already starting to fit a little snuggly into my pants. I started to notice yesterday that my shirt seemed to feel tighter, and I decided to try on a pair of pants that usually fit me pretty well. They are way to tight now and I seem to spill out of them a bit. I have been keeping an eye on my weight and I've only gained a pound. From what I have been reading this in perfectly normal. A couple of pounds at this stage is considered ok and I read that your pants should be becoming snug in your 7th week..and that's if your having one, I'm having two! At least I have a couple of pairs of pants that still do fit me, but for how long? I may be going clothes shopping soon. lol

I have been taking it easy and trying not to over do anything, but I have to say, if it were up to my parents I'd be on complete bed rest and never move until it was time to have them. My mom warned me against vacuuming..come on! I surely hope I can push something around on wheels and not get hurt. I don't lug it up and down the steps, but that's different. David's been handling it pretty well, he just seems to get overly worried when I don't feel that well. I actually, so far, have been having it very well. I have only gotten a little nauseous a couple of times. The major thing that concerns me right now is the soreness in my tummy. I've read that your uterus is expanding to make room for baby at this stage, so I hope that's all it is. I don't want a repeat of last time. I was told not to worry unless it feels like a cramp, and I am having a hard time determining which it is. It's in God's hands, and hopefully I will find out more on Monday. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Yesterday I went and had my first ultra sound, and much to David and my surprise, we're having twins! When I was laying there I sadly could not see the screen as they were doing the ultra sound, but one of the nurses did a little gasp of surprise. I heard the doctor say "Just amazing". I was sitting there wondering, "WHAT! Tell me." He just said two. I thought I didn't hear him right and I asked, "Did you say..two?" Wow! What a shocker. Of course, I did know this was a possibility, he did tell me I had a 10% chance of this happening, but come on, do you really think it would happen? I wanted it to, I prayed for it, but realistically I just assumed there would just be one. But God blessed us with two! The doctor was so shocked that this happened to me. The lead nurse, which is also his wife, explained that it was such a miracle because my "E2" is very low (estradiol..not sure what it does) and my egg quality isn't that great. Dr. Assad always seems to mention how he doesn't understand how I got pregnant with such low levels, and now I further stumped him with having twins. lol

I don't think it's totally sunk in yet that there will be two. It is mind blowing right now but it still seems unreal. After the shock has worn off my mind began wondering how am I going to do this! I have no experience with children and I was worried about learning to care for one, now I have two at once to worry about. I suppose I will learn very fast once they come. I will have no choice but to learn. lol Our extra bedrooms aren't that large, how am I going to squeeze TWO cribs in there? How do I soothe two crying babies at once? My mind just keeps racing. Besides worrying about when they get here, more imminent is the pregnancy itself. I know carrying twins can result in a lot more complications and early labor. I need to keep nutrition on my mind because I certainly don't want two tiny skinny babies. Gotta eat those veggies! I have noticed I have been getting hungrier lately. My tummy growls a bit more than usual. I guess I'm already working hard at helping those babies grow. That's really the only symptom I have noticed, but I am also still very early in my pregnancy, tomorrow makes 6 weeks. The 6 weeks marker makes me nervous because that's when my last pregnancy terminated. I know the whole first 3 months it can happen, but in my mind if I can get past that I will feel much better.

I guess to sum everything up I'm ecstatic and extremely worried all at the same time. This is certainly a journey that will change our whole lives. We are going from a family of two to four in a very short time.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Special Early Christmas Present

It turns out, that I'm pregnant again. I was so happy when I found out. I got the 'official' word from my HCG Beta test that I was, but the home test told me already. Of course I know they have to do that test, they want to watch my hormone levels and make sure the baby is growing. So now comes the scary part, waiting for the next 3 months. I have been sooo very careful not to do anything that could cause strain. I'm pretty much like "Don't touch me!" lol I feel like a walking piece of glass, I don't want anything that I could do to make this pregnancy not to work.

Putting all of my worries aside, I am so thrilled. My sister-in-law was right, this is the best early Christmas present I could get. Too bad I can't get the actual gift until August. :) You know what would make it even better? If there were two babies. There is a 10% chance, so I will keep my fingers crossed until I have my first ultra sound. The doctor actually put back 3 eggs this time, so there is a very small chance of triplets. I think I would fall over if there were three. But, I am guessing there is just one, but it's nice to dream of what might be.

I've also started keeping a journal from the start of this current IVF to the end of my pregnancy. I would like to keep a record of everything I think and feel through out this whole process, and maybe when my child is old enough let them read it. I also want to buy a memory book I saw at Books-a-million. It has pockets in the pages to keep momentous and a place to put a picture of the mother each month of the pregnancy. Seems really nice.

Also, in all my excitement I don't want to forget who really made this happen. God has given me this blessing and I don't want that to slip from my mind at any time. Doctors can only do so much, but God makes it happen.