Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Yesterday I went and had my first ultra sound, and much to David and my surprise, we're having twins! When I was laying there I sadly could not see the screen as they were doing the ultra sound, but one of the nurses did a little gasp of surprise. I heard the doctor say "Just amazing". I was sitting there wondering, "WHAT! Tell me." He just said two. I thought I didn't hear him right and I asked, "Did you say..two?" Wow! What a shocker. Of course, I did know this was a possibility, he did tell me I had a 10% chance of this happening, but come on, do you really think it would happen? I wanted it to, I prayed for it, but realistically I just assumed there would just be one. But God blessed us with two! The doctor was so shocked that this happened to me. The lead nurse, which is also his wife, explained that it was such a miracle because my "E2" is very low (estradiol..not sure what it does) and my egg quality isn't that great. Dr. Assad always seems to mention how he doesn't understand how I got pregnant with such low levels, and now I further stumped him with having twins. lol

I don't think it's totally sunk in yet that there will be two. It is mind blowing right now but it still seems unreal. After the shock has worn off my mind began wondering how am I going to do this! I have no experience with children and I was worried about learning to care for one, now I have two at once to worry about. I suppose I will learn very fast once they come. I will have no choice but to learn. lol Our extra bedrooms aren't that large, how am I going to squeeze TWO cribs in there? How do I soothe two crying babies at once? My mind just keeps racing. Besides worrying about when they get here, more imminent is the pregnancy itself. I know carrying twins can result in a lot more complications and early labor. I need to keep nutrition on my mind because I certainly don't want two tiny skinny babies. Gotta eat those veggies! I have noticed I have been getting hungrier lately. My tummy growls a bit more than usual. I guess I'm already working hard at helping those babies grow. That's really the only symptom I have noticed, but I am also still very early in my pregnancy, tomorrow makes 6 weeks. The 6 weeks marker makes me nervous because that's when my last pregnancy terminated. I know the whole first 3 months it can happen, but in my mind if I can get past that I will feel much better.

I guess to sum everything up I'm ecstatic and extremely worried all at the same time. This is certainly a journey that will change our whole lives. We are going from a family of two to four in a very short time.


Shikyrie said...

Praise the Lord! Will kepp praying for you guys and the little ones (they boys or girls? or is it too early to tell?) as for how you're going to do take care of both of them... you'll do fine. :)

Anonymous said...

That is the best news I have heard in a long time!! Grats to you both!!

Randy said...

Grats to both you and David! So awesome to hear such great news! You both will be in my prayers.

David (Arystina) said...

Congrats! Double the pleasure, double the fun! If my sister managed to deal with her twin daughters (she had/has fertility issues as well), I'm sure you will do just fine. I'll be keeping you all in my prayers. :)