Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adam Glambert Mania!

I have a confession to make, I'm crazy about Adam Lambert. It's a horrible sickness, I can't seem to look up enough articles, watch enough interviews, and listen to enough of his music. I've never been star struck before in my life...until now. lol

I admit, in the beginning I didn't even register that Adam was in the competition. I liked Anoop, Danny, and Allison. Then it slowly crept over me, I can't remember which episode it was but some how I got swept into Glambert mania. Although seeing him perform Mad World was very awesome, and definitely reinforced it.

I tried to get the Rolling Stone magazine with him on the cover, I asked the lady in Barnes and Nobel, she said "You mean the issue that everyone in this freaking country is after? We sold out the first day. You'll have to back order it on the website." I think I died a little inside when she said that. lol

I have been listening to some of his music pre-idol, well, because that's all I can get right now. And some of it is pretty nice, others are a little strange. But the one I posted above seems a little 'prophetic' to his future success. :)

I was so close to being able to see him in the Idol concert. My birthday is coming up and I planned on pooling the money I got to buy tickets, but after you add all those horrible 'handling fee's' and the shipping costs that are outrageous for 2 pieces of paper, I couldn't afford it any longer. And those were for the nose bleed seats. /cry Well I will content myself with videos for now :)

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