Monday, June 29, 2009


I would like to take the time to say how awesome my husband David is. :) I have been going through some painful stuff here lately for my IVF, such as egg retrival, and he has been there for me the whole way. I have had to have visits to the doctor every other day, and at the end every day, and the docotor is 2 hours away. He's taken off work to make sure I get there safely. And when I was in pain from the retrival he pampered me the whole time and was sooo worried about me.

Also, if you read my last post about how I'm crazy over Adam Lambert and REALLY wanted to go to the concert and couldn't afford it? He suprised me with tickets one day after work!! He did some research and found cheaper tickets and a hotel room. I was jumping all over the place with excitment. He's the sweetest man ever. :) He didn't have to buy those tickets because I had contented myself with thinking we couldn't go. I had tried to put it behind me, but he got them for me anyway.

That's all I really have to write right now, I just wanted to share how greatful I am for him. :)

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Anonymous said...

He's da man!!