Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm very excited about a new MMORPG that's coming out in September, it's called Aion. I've been playing the closed beta, and I love it. It's a very beautiful game. The graphics just make your jaw drop.
This is a pic of my 'Asmodian' (Aion's equivalent to horde) taking a flight path.
Right now she's not a very high lvl, I've only gotten her to 10, but you can only go to lvl 20 in the beta, so I'm not that far behind. :)

I also grabbed some quick shots during a cinematic battle, that looked awesome.

As you can see, you get wings and can partcipate in arial battle. I haven't actually had an arial battle yet, I just earned my wings at lvl 10. :) As far as how the classes play it's very easy. The above character is a priest and at lvl 10 I chose to make her a 'chanter' which is a dps class. Of course you earn new moves as you progress, but something new to me is that you have chain moves. And the best part is I don't have to remember in what order to do the chain because the button automatically changed into the next move in the chain.

Another really nifty feature are titles you can earn. Of course I love to earn these types of things, but they are also benefical. I just have one title so far, it's 'Treasure Hunter', that particualr title, when you have it active gives you +4 Accuracy.

I'm going to leave some videos to show you guys a little better about how great it looks. :) Enjoy.

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Daraia said...

While the graphics are beautiful one thing stuck out to me....HEELS?!?!? I thought WoW's old world scanty costumes for females were bad but come on guys....