Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spice it Up

Lately I have become very bored with WoW. I just can seem to find anything to do outside of doing daily quests and those seem to get tiresome after a while. I logged in yesterday and decided to change my main spec to feral dps. I don't think it went over very well, but if I don't do something I might not play at all. I know I've been absent from the game a lot, and I feel bad about that. But I need something to help spice things up.

Last night I went on a Nax 25 man run. I think it was a case of 'when the cats away the mice will play'. Don't get me wrong Roger and Deb handled the raid beautifully, but there were some people that couldn't help but complain through out the raid. I felt like banging my head against my desk at times. And this isn't the only time I've felt this way. Sometimes other peoples sour attitudes rub off on me and it keeps me from having a good time. I really try to ignore it, but I soak everything in. David says he just ignores them and he has a good time during raids. I wish I could do that. I really don't want to turn into a person who says they won't raid with certain people, but I can't enjoy my time in the raid.

On the flip side, I love the 10 man progression runs in Ulduar. Usually people are more light and in a good mood. Sure we die a lot, but no one complains much.

Baby Update!

Well, according to the doctor today I am considered 6 weeks pregnant. They do it strangely, I've only actually been pregnant about 4 weeks, but they tack on 2 weeks before consception. /shrugs I dunno why, but I will just go with it. lol I love to go online and look what is happening week by week. This week my baby will be the size of a chocolate sprinkle :) His/Her heart will begin to beat, and the arms buds will develop. As for me it says that if you're going to develop morning sickness, it will be this week. I surely hope I don't.

I had my first ultrasound done 2 days ago, and I got a picture in the album. It's just the egg sack because the baby is too small to see, but it's special to me anyway. :)

I've also decided what we are going to be doing with our tax refund this furniture! lol David wanted a riding lawn mower(we have a huge back yard). But unless we get all we need from the baby shower, that dream of his may have to be put on hold. Sorry honey :) I want to do the room in Pooh Bear. It's good for either gender and there's a lot to pick from in stores because it's popular. I am a very excited momma to be. :)


Anonymous said...

You have to love the flexibilities Druids have. You and Damelza did great this week! I hope it was fun for you again! :)

Jonathan said...

I cant tell ya how excited I am for you and David!!! Wonderful news on the baby front.

On the WoW front - I think I started the "I will not raid with a speciffic person" in eternity matters. For good reason, to keep my sanity. A game should bring joy, raiding should be fun, getting together with friends should bring happiness. If it doesnt there is something wrong.

I encourage you to take the steps needed to keep your gaming experience fun and enjoyable. Thats what I did, and I am not ashamed I took those steps. We have too much stress in life as it is, and to go to an experience that is spose to be fun - and leaving that experience discouraged - isnt what its suppose to be.

Take heart though - there are many folks who share your thoughts. You WILL have fun again, just be selective in who you share your time with.

God Bless,

-- J