Friday, July 31, 2009

Yesterday I became 7 weeks pregnant..and yesterday was the first day I felt sick. I just felt nauseated for the better part of the morning. I also went for a check up yesterday and David and I got to hear the heart beat! So exciting! It gives you that feeling of it's truly alive. The doctor mentioned something about it being behind in it's growth by a couple of days, but he didn't seem very worried and just told me to come back in 2 weeks. Hope everything is ok, but since he didn't show concern I feel pretty good about it.

I also got the 'thumbs up' to make an appointment with an OB here at home. Since I had to have help getting pregnant I had to go to a specialist that is about 2 hours away, and that's no fun to have to go to every few weeks. So finally, after my next appointment, he's gonna release me! He's a great doctor and I wish I could continue seeing him, but I don't think I will want to drive 2 hours when it's time to deliver. lol

In wow news..well there is no wow news. My computer has been acting up on me and I have to wait for a part. Right now I am on David's computer, because if I use mine over 30 minutes, it just goes off. It's something to do with the fan not working, but I just know it's broken and David has to fix it. lol

And something I've been looking forward to for months is..the American Idol Concert Tour!! YAY! Tomorrow at 7 p.m. I will hopefully be listening to all my favorite AI contestants. My favorite of course is Adam Lambert, but I also liked Anoop, Scott, Allison, Danny, and Kris. I just know I'm gonna have a blast. :D I even ordered a t-shirt from with Adam's eyes. It really is his best feature. lol

I'm also very excited to be going to this concert for another reason, it's my first concert I've ever been to. Sheesh, it's about time I'm 23 years old and never experienced one. In about 7 months I really won't have the opprotunity to go to concerts or things like that, so I'm very happy I get to go. Not that I'm regreating it, not in the least! I know I could always let my parents baby sit for a night or something but I don't think I want to do the beginning at least. All parents need a break from time to time but I will be a new mom and I think you'll be hard pressed to get me to part from my baby for any length of time. lol

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Shikyrie said...

Grats on the 7 weeks. PRaying that you can carry to term.
About the computer part, is it the main fan? Not sure about your computer makeup, but if it's the main fan, you'll need to replace the power supply (shouldn't cost too much to replace that. Another thing you might want to consider is adding an auxiliary fan if there's space for it. It will add extra cooling and provide a bit of backup in-case of main fan meltdown in the future.