Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rogues, Pirates, and Bears Oh My!

I have recently created a rogue named Koann, and I have to say I am really liking it. I have made multiple rogues before and could never get passed lvl 15 because I always seemed to die..a lot. But this time I have heirloom weapons and the only time I've died is traveling to Booty Bay to get the pirate achievment. lol She was way to low lvl to do that, but I did it anyway. I am already lvl 32 thanks to heirloom items, and I can't wait until 40 so I can get my fast ground mount. I am also using a mod that my husband uses to lvl up. It's called tour guide I think. You just make your toon and then tell it where you are starting from and it tells you every quest to get to lvl up. It doesn't make you get every quest in an area, sometimes you even start a quest chain and don't finish them. That part bugs me a bit. I hate not finishing chains, especially if I have done a lot of it.

Last week Eternity Matters decided to have some fun on Pirate Day. It was a silly affair. Many guildies got a mod to help them speak like a pirate, and others just tried on their own. That evening some of us got together and had a race through dead mines. One lvl 80 and a character 15-25 went in together and raced to see who could get done first. I had a great partner, Syyiand was played by his younger brother and he was a killing machine! lol He went in as a balance druid and just moonfire spamed and when he gathered them all did hurricane. It was beautiful *cry*. Being a rogue, I just stealthed the whole way and followed him so I wouldn't get hurt. lol And of course the good part, we won! Our prize was an admirals hat. I can't wear it yet, but I will when I'm able to.

Today is patch day, and I'm excited. Onyxia is now lvl 80! I have no idea how hard she will be now, but of course I want to try it. I signed up for an ulduar run for tonight, but I hope that we get to do this now instead. But for all I know she could be too hard. :( Well, I got my fingers crossed.

I also decided to change Lunas's off spec to tanking. I have gotten a lot of gear recently to replace some of my blues or kitty gear. I've gotten a pair of boots, pants, helm, weapon, and two trinkets since I last tried to tank. I figured since I never played as kitty and trying to do the correct rotation was a pain I'd try to be something a little more useful. I found myself in a couple of situations just this past week that I could've tanked for the betterment of our heroics. Instead David had to switch to his tank so we'd have someone. He would rather play his healer, and it made me feel a little bad. According to WoW Heroes my tanking gear is up to 25 man Ulduar and 10 man ToC. I just need to learn how to tank again. Where to situation things and such.

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Jordan said...

Yeah, i was reading up on the bear tank on tankspot. That video that Darksend posted is awesome for figuring out a rotation