Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving's On It's Way

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I know I am already dreaming of my grandmothers homemade dressing and fruit salad. Unfortunately, this Thanksgiving is going to be different from all those that I remember. You know that this time of year we are all 'suppose' to be closer as a family, and having good cheer etc etc...well try to tell that to my family. My uncle is in the midst of a divorce, his children are going to be having Thanksgiving with their mom instead of us. To me it's really sad that they don't at least make the effort to try to visit both places. I really wanted to see my baby cousin and I know for sure my grandmother wanted to see him. It would've meant a lot to her to share Thanksgiving dinner with her great grandchild. To me all of this is a minor inconvenience, but for her I know it will be a heartache. I'm very close to my grandmother and I hate to see her get so upset. I just know that Christmas dinner will end up being the same way.

Besides my obvious family troubles, I am still looking forward to Thanksgiving. I just love watching the Macy's parade and watching the performances. I also like to watch A Christmas Story that usually airs that evening. Who doesn't love watching that determined little boy get his Red Ryder BB gun? I love watching him go gaga over that leg lamp and getting the boot to the forehead from Santa after hearing those horrible words, "You'll shoot your eye out kid!".

Another favorite tradition is the day after Thanksgiving. While everyone else is facing horrible mobs shopping on Black Friday, I always put up my Christmas tree! There's nothing better than to put on some of the classic carols and decorating your tree.

Thanksgiving is also a time for reflection. I am so very thankful for my family. I have been going through a lot lately, and I've had their support every step of the way. I'm also thankful for all the small things, like my little dog Bumble, dogs are also woman's best friend :) Going out with friends, good music, a fun game to play, watching the critters outside, taking time to count the stars, and all the things that make up my everyday life, all these things make life great.

Tomorrow I go to have surgery to take out my eggs for the IVF. I'm nervous about it, I remember how it hurt last time. I will say one thing, my doctor doesn't mind giving out the pain meds. lol Monday when I went to his office he gave me a prescription for Lortabs and Valium. I've not taken Valiums before, but I have had just one dose of Lortab from the last time. I'm not a big medicine taker. I only took that one dose because David was tired of hearing me scream every time I moved...

Saturday is when they put the fertilized eggs back and December 2nd is when I take a pregnancy test. I would say keep your fingers crossed, but I think it's better to say to have your hands folded in prayer :) Luck has nothing to do with it. God gives the gift of children, not the doctor.


Shikyrie said...

will be praying for you LR... and Hope your thanksgiving is a good one. Don't know if they do it where you are, but up here, thanksgiving day is when at least 1 (maybe 2) local radio stations start playing nonstop Christmas songs until Christmas day

Anonymous said...

I am keeping you in prayer big time and asking some of my other praying friends to do the same.

And....the movie "A Christmas Story" is an absolute MUST in this house. I'd never heard of it until I started seeing my husband. Now I'm hooked. We HAVE to see it every year. Luckily we have it on DVD.