Monday, February 22, 2010


Recently going to church has been on my mind a lot. I have been a believer since I was a small child because my parents took me to church and explained it to me. Now that I have a child on the way I feel that I should do better and raise it in church like my parents did me. I also have been having these feeling before I got pregnant, it's just now they are stronger. I guess you could say I have been 'lukewarm' for a while, and I know that is not good.

I chose a church that my brother-in-law and his wife go to. I've visited there a couple of times and really enjoyed it. I like the way the pastor presents his message and I enjoy hearing them sing. They don't sing what most churches around here sing, which is the older gospel music. Not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just not for me. I can't say that I've ever liked it. My mom and dad love it and I remember as a child closing my door and turning up my t.v. to block it out. It sounds so 'twangy', like bad country music.

This church also seems to be active, and has a lot of activities if you choose to take part in them. Once I have my child I would like to join MOPS (Mothers of preschoolers). My sister-in-law goes and enjoys it, so I think I would give it a try.

I'd like to buy a new Bible, one that doesn't have all the thee's and thou's in it. I guess I will have to go to a Bible Bookstore and ask someone who works there to help me. It would be no use asking my parents, if it's not the New King James Version you are just wasting your time. lol

Well, keep me in your prayers that I keep this up. I really want to do better. :)


Therigwin said...

Being connect to the right local church is key.

Having a Bible that you can read is even better.

My guess is the church uses the NIV.

And while that is good updated version, for personal study I always recommend the God's Word Translation.

I personally use this one -

Randy said...

I absolutely agree with finding a good church and regularly attending. As a parent, you will be your child's first Christian interaction and key to salvation. So having that in place is a must.

I will keep you and Dave in my prayers in the upcoming months.


Anonymous said...

Check out the new ESV english standard version, got this Sat with Income tax money:

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange how perspective changes when you become a parent? I will never be blessed with that but my mother always said that a person's whole world view changes when they have a child. I'm glad all is well for you.

I went thru a huge Bible hunt a few months ago and really investigated the various translations out there for accuracy and discovered a lot of startling things from verses hat are left out or added to the Bible in versions like the NIV to outright deliberate mistranslation to support a certain viewpoint. I wrote a blog entry on it November 19, 2009 if you want to read it. Although I am Catholic the information is not my own but gleaned from Biblical scholars sans theological biases. The information about the mutilation of the Bible in some of the more popular translations in use today is startling so check out my blog entry on that date.

The translations that end up being the most readable and most accurate are:

The New American Bible
The Ignatius Bible (The one I adore)
The Douay-Rheims (a bit harder to read)
The Authorized King James - 1610 version ONLY (All the thee's and thou's included so a bit harder to read)