Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WoW Complaints

I have recently taken a leave of absence from World of Warcraft. Why? I was bored of doing the same things over and over, and being almost rock bottom dps. Granted, I never researched my class further than what type of gear I needed and the stats I required. I just recently read Daughter of Ravenholdt Manor, and saw her graph of the diffrent classes dps. Guess what, balance druids were on the bottom! AHHH! What am I good for? I can't think of much. I have a buff and a battle rez, and if you're a leather worker you can do the buff without a druid being present. If I went feral dps I could do better if I had the gear, but I don't WANT to be feral. The rotations are a pain to keep up with, in my opinon, and it means I have to be melee. I enjoy being in the background throwing my spells at the boss. Plus, fuzzy boomkins are just cute. :) Is that any reason to play a balance druid, not really, but it doesn't hurt.

Other things that took me from WoW was the raiding situation. I didn't really enjoy 25 mans. Sure, you got much better gear, but you had to pay for it with constant head banging. I'm not a hardcore raider. I don't like trying a boss more than 3-5 times. After that I start to scream at the computer screen and make not so nice remarks to myself about whats going on. I also had little patience with those who don't know what to do in the raid after they had done it before, many times, or asked repeatedly what to do with loot when the raid leaders have instructed us before the raid.

My prefered raiding situation is a 10 man with the same people, or at least mostly the same. Now that there have been a lot of people quitting WoW, the guild has been forced to do 10 mans and only do a 25 man once a week. I REALLY wish that was the way it was when I was playing. To be honest, I liked the guild when it was small. It's so large now, and they have to try and please the majority. I understand that, but it's just not the way I liked it. Maybe I just don't like change, that is probablly the biggest part of it. The raids when we were doing kara, that was the best times for me. It was a small group of close knit people having fun.

Oh well, I guess I should stop complaining. Things change, and if you don't change with them you get left behind. At least I have good memories. I won't be gone from WoW forever, I may even be back within a month of so if I see the guild is still doing 10 mans more than 25. But I will certainly be back for cataclysm. I've got to make a worgen druid. :)


Jordan said...

I totally agree LR, I would much prefer a small guild with one or maybe two dedicated 10 man teams that were comprised of the same people. In my shaman's guild, yes, 25 mans are all we do as a guild, but the difference is, that 25 man group is made up of about 30 toons. So, you are always playing with the same people, and when that happens, you can really trust the people you are raiding with. My idea of a really awesome guild was which was mainly a 10 man progression guild made up of a small amount of people.

Also, from an RP standpoint, a 10 man where you have the same people just makes more sense. It is like a battalion of warriors who have grown close through their battles, and fully trust each other.

Daraia said...

It is SO frustrating when you work hard and your class doesn't do the damage you THINK is should be doing.

I agree to a point on the 25 mans, now I DO enjoy them, but I HATE when people thing of them as a chance to slack off rather than a chance to put forth their BEST, be prepared and work together as a TEAM. It makes my TEETH hurt when people CONSISTENTLY are NOT prepared for raids.

The only thing I hate about 10 mans is that I am limited on WHO all I can run WITH at a given time.

Shikyrie said...

I'm with you there as well, LR. I liked it when the guild was running just 10-mans, and Kara. At least you knew the people you were raiding with. When everything changed to consistant 25-man every day, week after week, and half the time they had to bring in pugs to fill empty spots, things got to be less enjoyable. Half the time, we didn't know the people we were picking up to fill the group, and a good deal of the time, at least for a while, those PuGs would leave if something didn't go their way. I miss that, and that is part of the reason I quit playing. No enjoyment. I too may be back to play once Cataclysm is released, but for now, I'm enjoying other things. Oh, if Dave is still playing around with STO, drop me a line on FB with his character@account so I can add him in.

Shikyrie said...

oh by "I miss that", I meant I miss the closeness. Sorry, headcold, not thinking clearly.