Monday, April 13, 2009


I just wanted to blog about where I came from. I don't want this blog to be purely wow, and so far it hasn't been. Above is a video I found on youtube, it shows exactly what I'd like to show everyone. It has the mountains of the Breaks Interstate park, and at the end it has a clip of the 'Garden Hoe', which is where my dad took me to swim many times. 

I suppose this post will be a lot of reminessing. First off, I grew up in Breaks, VA. It's in the middle of no where :)  My dad always took me walking on trail and pointed out the diffrent trees and flowers. Of course I don't remember half of them. lol He took me swimming in rivers and streams, not swimming pools. One particular trip he took me to watch some kayakers, and to do this we had to cross a huge bridge and go through a very long train tunnel. Well, when we were inside the tunnel the train came through. There was next to no room in there, and I remember
 my dad laying on top of me to protect me from the train that was inc
hes from us. I suppose I'm glad it was pitch dark in there because if I could have seen how close I was to the train I would have freaked out. 

I also have memories of fish fries and molasses stir offs. My uncle grew sugar cane and then got his brothers to help make the molasses. I remember it took forever to boil and stir the sugar to get it to be the way they wanted it. 

As a child I lived near a creek and had lots of fun playing in the mud. I caught mud puppies, frogs, bugs...anything that moved basically. lol And at night there were no street lamps were I lived and the sky was beautiful! That's something I miss to this day. 

I guess you could say I had a much more 'country' childhood than my husband. It's something I like to bug him about. I occasionally say a country word that he's never heard of, and he's like, huh? I tell him he grew up in the same county as I did he should know these things! Here are some words that I've heard growing up:

Smack dab=in the middle
Toboggan=Stocking cap
Nary=Not a one
Crack the window=Roll down the window

Here's more if you're interested.


Anonymous said...


Ya got talent, ya know that? :)

Jordan said...

LR, This is of course also not far from where i grew up, right in the middle of Grundy =D