Friday, April 24, 2009

Turtles and Fishing Achievments

Such a pretty mount isn't it? Sadly, Lunas does not have this mount...yet. One day it shall be mine! It's just so darn cute, all I need is my Speedy trailing behind me and it's a set. lol One of my friends in game just caught a Sea turtle mount today. I am happy for him, but I would really like to have one of my own. 

For anyone that is interested, there is an awesome website called El's Extreme Anglin' that can guide you on any fishing achiements. I used this website to complete some of my achievments, and it helped me go faster because it tells you in what order to do things. Worth checking into, in my opinion. 

On a side note, have I mentioned I hate Eclipse..yeah, I think I have. lol I speced back into it when blizz gave the druids back their talent points, and just as always, I hated it. I thought maybe since they changed it I would see an increase in my dps. Well the opposite happend. Not because anything is wrong with the talent, but because I don't pay attention. I believe the T8 pieces actually have a set bonus to deal with Eclipse..and if I ever get that set bonus I guess I am in trouble. I will deal with that if the time ever comes. lol

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Anonymous said...

hmm i was going to say...that doesnt look like Lunas on that mount. :) gl in getting it!