Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patch Day, Hurray!

Oh the excitement! Patch day is here at last. :) I don't know what to do. I've been wrestling with the idea of becoming tank spec for my secondary spec, but will it be worth my 1000g? Will I end up just getting to tank maybe once, twice? I know in raids I will more than likely be dps because we already have some great tanks that are primary spec. Maybe I'll just talk myself out of it and just be feral dps. lol Or, here's another wild thought, try to learn to heal? I have caster gear already, it wouldn't be hard to get healing gear. Those who know me will just laugh and say 'Yeah right!'. That's what I say too, I don't think I'd do very well. 
I saw that everyone will get there talents refunded, which I'm happy about. I'm thinking of tweaking my balance tree because they are boosting the damage you gain from eclipse. I noticed when I speced it last time that it wasn't that large of a boost in damage, and I hated watching for procs, but now it may be well worth watching for those procs. 
There are some things I may spec out of as well. Such as Typhoon, it now does a 3 second daze. Before it was just a knock back and I used it in raids. I know from experience of being a tank that when you gather a mob and someone knocks them back it can be slightly annoying, but I got over it...but now it will also cause them to be dazed which would be very annoying. I'm sure the tank wouldn't appreciate it if I knocked his mobs from him and caused them the be dazed and he had to gather them again. lol 
But they also changed innervate to require no mana to cast, which makes sense. I always wondered why you had to spend your last bit of mana to get mana back, and sometimes you are completely oom and then you have to wait to regen enough so you can cast it.  Also Mark and Gift of the wild now can be cast in moonkin form, that's just convenient. hehe Another convenience is Faerie Fire now lasts 5 min. That makes me have to cast it a lot less during a boss encounter. Of course for pvp it's cut down to 40 sec. in case anyone was getting angry. :)
I think the bears will appreciate Savage Defense: Trainable at level 40 with Dire Bear Form as a prerequisite. When the druid deals a melee critical strike, it gains a physical damage shield equal to 25% of its attack power. The next hit completely consumes the shield, regardless of how much damage was done. Only active in Bear Form.I mean come on! That's cool, you get your own shield now. lol 

Of course everyone is excited about Ulduar, but what about the argent tournament? I've heared very little about it. The patch notes just say:
As the might of the Scourge wanes under the pressure of Azeroth's heroes, the Argent Crusade have taken a foothold in Arthas's back yard. Off the northeastern coast of Icecrown, the Argent Crusade have sounded the call for the most bold and brave adventurers of the Horde and Alliance to take part in the Argent Tournament. Representatives of all ten faction capitols, from Undercity to Exodar, have traveled to the tournament grounds to find champions among their heroes who will prepare for the inevitable battle against the enemy of all living beings, the Lich King.

I know we will be able to acquire new pets, mounts, dailies, new weapons, tabards, faction shirts (huh?!), and probably some other things I can't recall. But I'm excited over the pets and mounts. I really want the Little Fawn's Salt Lick, but I don't have enough pets. I would if I would get off my sorry tush and farm the whelps, make a horde DK and farm the black kitty, etc. But I just don't have the patience. Hopefully I will be able to earn some from the tournament a little more easily, if not, I will just admire those who do have them.
Also, speaking of mounts there is now a mount that you can obtain through fishing in Northrend pools. How exciting! Now when I'm bored I have a reason to go fishing. I read on a forum that it's a sea turtle, that's horribly slow on land, but great in the water. I don't know, but I still want one. lol

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