Thursday, March 5, 2009

Balance Basics

My first two posts were mostly some of my opinions, now I'd like to make a more serious post with some facts about the balance druid. I got my information from here.

-So what does a balance druid bring to a group?
 A variety of synergy aspects. 5% crit to the raid, that isn’t proc based (like Elemental Oath), 13% damage increase via Earth and Moon**, Innervate for a healer if the moonkin him/herself doesn’t need it, OoC rez to make wipe recovery faster, Improved Moonkin Aura is a 3% haste buff to the raid (provided they are in range), 3% spell hit, if specd into Imp FF, and still one of the best dances.

-What are the best stats for a balance druid?
Hit> Spell Damage> Spell Haste> Spell Crit

-What is the hit cap?
The hit cap is 445.91. Since Balance of Power gives us 4%, our Hit Cap is 342. If you spec Improved Faerie Fire your hit rating is 263

-How should I enchant my gear?
Helm: Arcanium of Burning Mysteries (30 SP/20crit) 
Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Storm (24SP/15Crit) 
Cloak: Greater Speed (23 haste) or Wisdom (Threat reduction, 10 spirit) 
Chest: Powerful Stats (10 all stats) or Greater Mana Restore (8mp5) 
Bracers: Superior Spellpower (30 SP) 
Hands: Precision (20hit) or Exceptional Spell Power (28 SP) 
Legs: Brilliant Spellthread (50sp/20spirit) 
Belt: Eternal Belt Buckle (adds socket) 
Boots: Icewalker (12hit/crit) 
Weapon: Black Magic (Shadow damage curse, 50% proc), Mighty Spellpower (63SP) or Accuracy (25 hit, 25 crit) 

-How should I gem my gear?
Red: Runed Scarlet Ruby (19 SP) 
Yellow: Veiled Monarch Topaz (9SP/8Hit) until hit capped. Reckless Monarch Topaz (9SP/8haste) if you are hit capped already. 
Blue: Purified Twilight Opal (9SP/8spirit) NOTE: Only need two of these to meet meta reqs. After your two for meta reqs, Runed Scarlet Rubies or Reckless Monarch Topaz go in any other blue sockets (which gem is personal preference). 
Meta: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond (21crit rating/3%crit strike damage, Requires 2 blues) 

-What type of glyphs?
Moonfire and Starfire glyphs for raiding are essentially a must. They synergize sowell with each other. MF and SF will still be primary spells used in any rotation and with SF adding duration to MF (note ADDING duration, not refreshing it), the initial damage from moonfire becomes a moot point, so adding to the periodic damage will only benefit you, hence the MF glyph. The third glyph is still in the air, Innervate and or Insect Swarm…more info to come as it’s figured out. 

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