Monday, March 9, 2009


The weekend is over, and I'm ready to blog. :)  I didn't get to report on my great Nax run last week. I got 3 upgrades! Still no helm, but it's still nice to get something every now and again. I got Binds of Yearning, Idol of the shooting star, and my favorite Surplus Limb.

Ok, when it comes to the talent eclipse I am a bit lost. I currently do not have it, mostly because I hate having to watch for the proc. But I hear it can up your dps. I also have been suring the Internet and reading different forums to see how many points to put into it. Some say you need all 3 points, others 2, and still others say just 1. And on the other hand I read it isn't worth it. I've had it, and didn't see a huge difference in my dps. But I admit, maybe I did the rotations wrongs. I will just have to pull my hair out a little longer before I decide to spec into it. 

On a less stressful note, I have gotten my horde druid up to lvl 58. She's almost ready for Outland! You might say, silly druid you can go through the portal at 58, she's ready now. But my leather working is a bit low. So I must farm for rugged leather so I will be able to utilize the knothide leather. I'm so excited, this is the furthest I've ever gotten a horde character.  I'm very anxious to get her to 80 so I can switch to being moonkin and try to get into a guild to raid a little. 

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Shikyrie said...

The helm token you speak of drops off of Kel'Thuzad, and you know I'll be rolling against you for that token :D