Friday, March 6, 2009


I know I already blogged once today, but I really wanted to add my dog. :) Isn't he a cutie? He's a miniture Schnauzer, and his name is Bumble. He knows a few things, most importantly he's house broken. lol He knows how to sit and shake hands (paws) on command. That's as much as I knew how to teach him. I'm sure he's capable of learning more, I just never had the patience to do more.

Miniture schanuzers are described as Friendly, intelligent and willing to please. Once mature, the Schnauzer has a strongly developed territorial instinct. They are ideal guard dogs as they defend vocally rather than physically. ... A good Schnauzer will bark at anyone who may appear a threat to his home. ... Schnauzers are not random, incessant barkers. They are discriminating and intelligent guard dogs that assume this duty naturally. 

And believe me, Bumble does not deviate from this description. He is on guard all the time. He goes from window to window peering out of them on his tippy toes. He has come to know that if he hears a knocking sound it's someone at the door..and he barks. I can just knock on the wall and he sounds the alarm. lol 

Bumble is my constant companion. He rarely leaves my side. If I go into another room, I hear the clicking of his nails right behind me. He loves to play, he usually carries his toy around with him and paws your leg asking to play tug of war. How can you resist that? The only problem I have with him is his constant 'look at me' attitude. If I get on the phone he starts to bark and growl. He tries to make me play with him. That's when I usually put him outside on his leash, if the weather is fair. If not..I have to tough it out. :(

That's all I have for now. :)

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